Saturday, September 25, 2010

My friends blog

Check him out if you're interested, he also talks about bboying and games but includes cars in his blog. Here's the link, see if you like him:

Just did some running today

God damn I hate running. I don't know what it is but I suck at running, it's like my feet are born to be retarded slow and horrible at running. If I were to vs a world olympic althelete at running I'd lose; No just kidding I'd own his ass in seconds. Anyways ran about 4kms today which is probably the farthest I've ever ran since ever.

Running sucks since you just consistently slow down till your legs turn to jello and going any further causes them to critically fail. Lactic acid builds up which hurts like a bitch and causes your to further slow down. I wish I could run at top speed all the time but nope, breathing just gets harder and you over heat due to sheer retardation.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Let's talk about bboying

So bboying, which you can find a little bit of the history about here, is a dance known for it's atheltic power moves such as flares and windmill, stunning freezes such as airchair and the basic baby freeze, footwork such as the 6-step and CC which usually take place on all fours, and of course toprock which is the dancing part while on both feet.

BBoying is actually quite competitive starting out in the streets and having a battle oriented style where you attack your opponent face-to-face. You try to overtake your opponent and even embarrass them with burns which is a way to make fun of the opponent. The one rule you have to follow, and this is imperative, is no touching. Yes it's called a battle and there is lots of hype but if you don't show respect for your competitors than don't expect respect back. One of the craziest acts of disrespect is when lilou kicked omar in the neck. I'll admit is was kind of hilarious watching a guy who is 5 feet tall start shit with anyone.

                                             Lilou winding up for the kick

You can watch the full video here and it starts around 0:14. It's funny because french people have like this fucking attitude like they're tough shit and they can be but you guys are dancers not fighters. Bboys are also one of the shortest people I've ever seen, it's like because they were born short they got into bboying. Acting tough when you are half my height is seriously funny to me, my friend is 5'9 and he's one of the taller bboys out there. Don't get me wrong though there are tall bboys but they are pretty rare. Anyways if you want to fight prepare to suck at bboying because the amount of practice you have to put in is ridiculous and wasting time fighting would seriously hinder your process. I've been doing it for about 3 years and I'm still not that great though for others they could progress differently, I also started pretty late too at around 18-19 years old.

I know some bboys that actually have beef with each other and they get angry. They act pretty childish if you ask me and they are full grown adults(again though these guys are like 5'5 and under). Bboying is a dance where you express yourself and you practice to get better at it. Competition is nice but the main message of hip-hop is actually about peace, unity, love and having fun which can be applied to life and any dance.

Now about the amount of practice you have to do... Some bboys are just ridiculous; they will flip, fly, and rotate into a power move or a freeze while having flow and musicality. Some of them just blow my mind and their creativity is top-notch. For those who don't know the dance heres a video of a bboy who's got style, creativity, musicality and he's pretty tall to boot (still only 6'0 though).

BBoy Wing, they call him that because he fucking flies

Next post about bboying I think I'll explain some of the moves and their names if I know them.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Jump it 2

So I've found this pretty addicting flash game, it's kind of fun and I'm whooping my friend at it.Here's a pic of it just for shits and to show my ownage of him.

Fuck yah the ownage. Of course some people get like 200,000 or some ridiculous number like that. The only conclusion to that is that they have no life.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

How the hell do you follow people that followed you?

Seriously I've been trying to follow people that follow me but I just can't. I click on their picture but nothing fucking happens.

On a side note I punched a nigger today.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

FFXIV is coming out soon

I've been following this game for a while now ever since I've heard about it. It's coming out on the 30th of September and it'll be a day one purchase for me. The reason I'm following this is because I had quite a good time with FFXI but it had a few flaws which my friends didn't like therefore they quit which inevitably caused me to quit. First the things I did like:

- Partying was generally encouraged(forced actually) and made you use your class efficiently
- Story was interesting and had actual cutscenes
- Raising your chocobo was kind of a fun mini-game
- Level sync so you could level with a friend even if they were a lot higher level and you would both make progress in levels
- The world was expansive and massive which was really immersive
- You could change job at a whim and experience all the classes on one character

I'm sure there are a few other things but those alone made the game stand out from other for me. You could also easily play this game with a controller which I found more comfortable. However there were a few flaws that made my friends quit:

- Traveling was a huge pain especially in the beginning where it seemed that you would spend half your time walking around
- Interface sucked, it was built for a controller and you couldn't change it at all
- De-leveling was probably one of the worst things in an MMO I've ever seen
- Starting a party and leveling takes at least 3 hours of your time to get anywhere
-Monster variety was lacking, I think I was consistantly fighting crabs till level 30... than you fought rabbits
- You couldn't level without a party at all unless you were a class that could solo
- Auction house could only hold 7 items at a time and the interface for that was also horrible

Anyways... yah, about FFXIV. So I've been following it and checking it out though not religious or anything like that. I've seen some of the new gameplay from the beta and the new graphics but otherwise I'm not 100% informed on it. People on the forums I read seem to be split on it with about half not liking it. I'm hoping to just play it an enjoy it, square enix has a hit it or miss it pattern lately so let's pray this one is a hit.

Monday, September 6, 2010

It's called BBoy not breakdance

I've recently went to the club and did a little bit of my thing. The crowd wasn't bad and people came up to praise me, even the manager came to us(I was with people) and they offered us shots. He congratulated us and said we gots talent however he called it breakdancing not bboying. I don't really have a big deal about calling it that but just to inform you the real term is bboying and you'll get more respect from dancers when you call it that.

Check out my new DFO character

So I started playing Dungeon fighter online and it's pretty fun. Made quite a few characters for it already and my highest being a level 41 grappler. Will update if I feel like it.