Saturday, September 18, 2010

Let's talk about bboying

So bboying, which you can find a little bit of the history about here, is a dance known for it's atheltic power moves such as flares and windmill, stunning freezes such as airchair and the basic baby freeze, footwork such as the 6-step and CC which usually take place on all fours, and of course toprock which is the dancing part while on both feet.

BBoying is actually quite competitive starting out in the streets and having a battle oriented style where you attack your opponent face-to-face. You try to overtake your opponent and even embarrass them with burns which is a way to make fun of the opponent. The one rule you have to follow, and this is imperative, is no touching. Yes it's called a battle and there is lots of hype but if you don't show respect for your competitors than don't expect respect back. One of the craziest acts of disrespect is when lilou kicked omar in the neck. I'll admit is was kind of hilarious watching a guy who is 5 feet tall start shit with anyone.

                                             Lilou winding up for the kick

You can watch the full video here and it starts around 0:14. It's funny because french people have like this fucking attitude like they're tough shit and they can be but you guys are dancers not fighters. Bboys are also one of the shortest people I've ever seen, it's like because they were born short they got into bboying. Acting tough when you are half my height is seriously funny to me, my friend is 5'9 and he's one of the taller bboys out there. Don't get me wrong though there are tall bboys but they are pretty rare. Anyways if you want to fight prepare to suck at bboying because the amount of practice you have to put in is ridiculous and wasting time fighting would seriously hinder your process. I've been doing it for about 3 years and I'm still not that great though for others they could progress differently, I also started pretty late too at around 18-19 years old.

I know some bboys that actually have beef with each other and they get angry. They act pretty childish if you ask me and they are full grown adults(again though these guys are like 5'5 and under). Bboying is a dance where you express yourself and you practice to get better at it. Competition is nice but the main message of hip-hop is actually about peace, unity, love and having fun which can be applied to life and any dance.

Now about the amount of practice you have to do... Some bboys are just ridiculous; they will flip, fly, and rotate into a power move or a freeze while having flow and musicality. Some of them just blow my mind and their creativity is top-notch. For those who don't know the dance heres a video of a bboy who's got style, creativity, musicality and he's pretty tall to boot (still only 6'0 though).

BBoy Wing, they call him that because he fucking flies

Next post about bboying I think I'll explain some of the moves and their names if I know them.


  1. It's pretty strange to see a BBoy fight break out in the middle of a competition like that. Most BBoys are pretty respectful of each other in a battle or cypher, at least physically. These guys must have had some serious beef with eachother...