Monday, October 4, 2010

So I started FFXIV

FFXIV came out in october 30th and I have played it for a few days. Had to restart though because my cousin wants to start with me and my friend. Annoying to say the least but no big deal.

The game starts with a cutscene which actually has voice acting though that's the only one so far I've seen with any. Voice acting isn't bad but you can tell some of the people had a cock in their mouth because they sounded like they were trying to hard. Gameplay is quite a bit faster than FFXI and the graphics, to say the least, are very nice; this causes my computer to choke a bit and my friend even basically bought a new computer to play this game.

The character creation was interesting, I tried to make a badass but quirky kind of guy and I think I succeeded a little bit though when he does an emote he looks retarded. Not to hard to get in to but the game features a lot of buggy shit and the menu lag is horrendous. Oh well it's pretty fun anyways and hopefully it will get better in time. A lesson for Square-Enix though is to not rush the release of things as everyone has stated in every forum I've read ever.

On a side note my relatives keep coming over which is really disturbing my privacy...FUCK! It's pretty annoying because my computer room is like 2 meters from where everyone fraternizes and they just aren't exactly quiet about being over either. Soon I'll get a job and move out.

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