Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ever feel like just not going to sleep?

Sleep is such a wonderful thing isn't it? I mean you go to your bed for a measly 8 or so hours(10 for me) and you're up refreshed(not me) feeling like rainbows and sunshine. Too bad it's god damn 5 AM right now and I just don't feel like sleeping. I could actually easily fall asleep but my bed is too far! Aaahh... help me someone because I'm too lazy to go upstairs but too lazy to do anything else. I'm just browsing and decided to up and write on this blog. Procrastination at it's finest, when I should be doing homework I'm doing everything but.

 Life's a bitch though, stupid responsibilities as an adult; too bad that if you compare yourself to any poor nation with poor people your life seems grand and wondrous. With food to eat, water to drink and shelter over your head you're way better off physically. I have friends and family that are safe at home protected from well being and away from harms way instead of near death, famine or war. However happiness is all in perspective. It's how you make of it and sometimes, even though you are making a ton more than people from poor nations, in comparison to your neighbors and how your society views you, this might be chump change. Pennies compared to what they're making. Anyways I don't like the hippy talk but at times you just think about these sorts of things and it just gets on your mind.

It gnaws at you, racking your brain with annoying philandering BS that makes you want to kick babies.

Hopefully there will be new updates soon on more interesting things than useless thoughts. Maybe for the 1 or 2 readers that read this(probably more like 0 but who cares).... Let's see if I can find a picture of what I'm feeling right now.

Yah, kind of like that

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