Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BBoy log #1

Wait a minute... I haven't practiced for 3 days! What can I say about anything? Essentially I've forgotten all the moves that I came up with on the last practice and now have to come up with them again! Either that or come up with new ones which I always do. Fucking memory why can't you work properly?

Anyways flare and halo progress is getting better. 1990s are doing okay despite the lack of practice. Headspins and turtles are improving but slow moving. Handhops are a pain since I should already have them but oh well.

One thing I noticed while practicing is I hate thinking about stupid shit. Your mind just wanders and prohibits you from practicing, Also watching other people can be distracting.

Boring post today...Brain malfunctioning... think can't...

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