Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Disgaea Series

The disgaea series, a fun little series that's part SRPG and part paraody. It's a fun little game and I've played a decent amount of them. I've played 1-3 on the consoles and 1-2 on the psp. I definitely logged more time on the portable ones however since it's much faster with ow you powerlevel and it adds a few other things which make it a little bit easier. For example in the second psp port of the game they added a new bill which lets you max enemy levels(and thus the exp you gain) in one bill instead of 10 or so saving you quite a bit of time. They also added a few characters and several changes to the mechanics.

Disgaea 1 picture showing just a fraction of how much damage you can do

The story is amusing, personally I don't find it crazy funny but it's entertaining. Sometimes I want a more light hearted type of RPG instead of the more serious and dramatic Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics. It definitely plays with tropes and provides so good chuckles. It does however get a little bit more serious towards the end usually having something to do with gaining love and friendship the hard way.

The main characters of Disgaea 2!

One feature that's unique to this series is the ability to power level to obscene levels with the max cap at 9999. It doesn't end there though because you can reincarnate, which makes you a little bit stronger each time and you can store levels till you hit a cap which is around 127000 I think. Of course it's not as tedious as is sounds because you can gain exp and levels at a phenomenal rate; some stages are designed around this. Still the grind is there and the Random number god will mess around with you sometimes.

Blurry picture of Disgaea 3 showing a new feature called: Geo Blocks

Most of your luck will come into play when finding items and leveling them. You see you can go into your item and level them and depending on the rarity of the items there is varying amounts of floors. 100 floors for legendary, 60 for rare and 30 for normal items. Sometimes you'll spend a few hours just trying to find a legendary version of the item you want but sometimes it's not the rarity you want. You see even if you find the legendary version of it if it doesn't match a certain rarity number you'll have to go inside that one and find the perfect rarity. You can equip 1 weapon and 3 items and if all the rarities match you can boost your stats even more.

Of course there's many more factors that require some luck such as lovers, pirates, innocents, mystery rooms and many more that is beyond the scope of this blog. Regardless though it is fun to tweak your character and I do find it fun since while sometimes tedious you actually do see the results which makes it fun. Even today people are finding new ways to do even more damage because so many variables can effect you, and that's just in the first game. The 3rd one added even more and just recently a 4th one came out. Too bad it's in Japan though we'll probably have to wait a little while to get it. Oh well it lets me finish the 3rd one till I'm bored with it.

Overall I Really like these games so I give my slightly biased 20/10... oops I mean 9/10.

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