Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Riding on a board

It's a great pass time, it is, wind flowing past your face, the excitement coursing through your veins, the exhilaration of the scenery passing by you in a blur of emotional joy and the occasional frost bite on your face, but hey, who says it was perfect? Anyways what I'm talking about is snowboarding(or skiing but I've since switched to snowboarding) and man is it a great sport to do. It's just so fun to go down a mountain while taking in the beautiful scenery and just having complete control of where you are going. Bringing along friends with you is a must since it makes the trip that much better, especially if you live far away from the mountains.

Only true troopers can brave the cold to go outside and ride down at 40-60km/h past trees with no protection!

The drive there can be deadly boring and I don't know who could do it alone unless they loved the sport that much. If friends weren't there to go with me I don't think I could stand to go snowboarding, never mind the drive there. Those lucky bastards that live very close to the mountains are pretty lucky since you can just go whenever you feel like it. For the likes of me however it requires quite the drive, minimum 3 hours to get there. Oh but it's definitely worth it; I recall the first time I went there and it was one of the most magical moments I'll remember for the rest of my life. Great weather, great friends and just a great day in general.

If this doesn't appeal to you, you have no soul!

For some reason I also like to ride up the mountain. It's a great meditative thing where you can sit and chat with your peers and look at the great scenery outside. It feels like you're going somewhere epic and large, a land of magic and wonder. However my vision was skewed by that perfect day because the proceeding time I went it wasn't as crazy. It was still a good time but not as perfect. The weather conditions were basically a blizzard causing an apocalypse of suck to your vision. I had to buy a new pair of goggles since I was dumb and thought I didn't need one, since last time I went on a clear sunny day. Word of advice, don't buy goggles at the snow resort, they'll rape you up the ass just for a flimsy pair of plastic. Makes me kind of angry thinking back to it actually. The gondola ride up wasn't crazy either because there were people with us which disrupted our bonding moment within the cabin and not to mention the windows were foggy as fuck.

Example of a gondola, theirs wasn't fogged up to the point of anger however

I'm going to go this weekend again and hopefully the weather will be better than last time. It seems to be warming up so hopefully it won't be to bad. Too bad snowboarding is one of the only things to look forward to in winter because otherwise this season is horrible.

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