Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Starcraft 2

God damn Starcraft 2. I don't personally like RTS games too much since I don't like multitasking. Once you fuck up one thing it's like a big ball of fuck ups that eventually get you killed. Dieing sucks and there's so many good players it's annoying. Well the challenge is good and the graphics were definitely an improvement over the previous game. Makes it much easier on the eyes because when I played the first Starcraft I realized I was playing a game that was like 15 years old. Jesus it was hard to play considering I never got into it when I was young,

Anyways basic RTS stuff but with 3 distinct races with their each unique abilities. They're decently balanced but you can never know until you play it long enough. Usually in the beginning even if you pick a shitty race you can win with enough skill against a person with the better race. I personally play Terran because that's what you play in the campaign and I got used to using it. Not bad, I like them since tanks are awesome. Too bad I suck ballz. ARRGHH I hate multitasking!

Fuck supply depots...Seriously...

You can't win unless you get the right strategies and insert the right units and be fast enough with good timing. It also feels like a waste of time learning this but I'm going to kick my friends ass till he gives up this game first. He's winning for now... but wait till I train and kick him in the nuts.


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