Thursday, March 3, 2011

You Stylin?

When I got into BBoying one of the first things I learned was footwork and freezes as noted in more earlier post. Footwork and freezes are basically one of the main contributors to how you look and the basic foundation for many BBoys out there. I remember trying it out and it was kind of hard to do anything! Eventually though, you start picking it up and one thing you learn will lead to another and they will synergize to make other moves easier to learn. It's like the more you learn the easier it is to learn but the more you know the less you know.

BBoy Abstrak: as his name implies his moves are very complicated and stylin

That's the problem, there's too many damn things that can happen at once, you have to really practice to get moves down and concise. Just as with power moves there's categories you can be ranked on which affect the overall look of what you do. I'm not going to list them but some of the catagories such as cleanness, speed, and execution also apply. I definitely need to work at lot more to execute my moves the way I want to.

If you've never been in a battle it's probably one of the most exhilarating things you'll experience. Especially your first battle because you're pitting the skills you learned against others and you will know once you've been in one how hard it is to do any of the moves you want. If you want to hit your moves and time it with the music you have to practice it. Trying to listen to the music, while thinking of the next move, moving all your limbs and counter the opponent is a hard skill but if you beat them it's a great moment. You can finally show that you accomplished something worth while.

I forgot where I was going with this so I'm going to end it pretty soon. But anyways style will definitely give you many props, and the harder and more complicated your moves are and you do them with proper technique while hitting the music the better at dancing you'll be.

I'll end this off with a video with one of the most famous BBoys with a lot of style: BBoy Born

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